Thorpeness Country Club wedding photography - Claire and Andy

I was so excited to photograph this wedding of Claire and Andy. Not only because Claire is a good school friend of my fellow photographer buddy, Sara Dalrymple, but because I was photographing a wedding by the sea!

It was the first time I had been to the Suffolk Coast, and it didn’t disappoint. It was full of the old English seaside charm, and with a practically empty beach, I along with my trusty sidekick, Michael O’Sullivan, were able to really use this impressive backdrop to its full potential.

Claire and the girls, and Andy and the boys hired a couple of lovely period properties to get ready in. As it was May, the Wysteria was in full bloom. It was then down the road to the lovely Thorpeness Country Club for the ceremony, reception and party.  Claire and Andy opted for a first look, which was really inmate and special. They then walked each other down the aisle.  After the ceremony, Pimms was served on the lawn, overlooking the beach and then it was onto the reception in a beautiful light and airy room in the Country Club.

Claire and Andy had chosen a nautical theme, so the tables were named after things from the ocean. All in all, it was a beautiful day, and to top it all I took my husband and kids with me so we enjoyed the rest of the weekend at the beach!

Huge thanks as always to my second photographer, Michael O’Sullivan, who took some really wonderful photos (some of which are included).

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Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club wedding photography - My best friend's wedding

When I was asked by my dear friend Em if I would photograph her wedding, two things went through my mind:

1. Complete dread (what if I don't do a good enough job for such a special friend?)

2. Complete excitement - I would be by my best friend's side for her whole wedding sharing in her and new hubby Jack's happiness and telling their wedding story through my photographs.

Emma and I met in the early 1980s perfecting our dance moves at a Saturday morning dance class called Margaret Morris Movement. We were heading for a life on the stage . . .No, really I was the chubby one in costumes made by my Nana and Em was the graceful one flaunting her array of beautiful leotards from places like Disney World (which I was secretly a bit jealous of).

We became firm friends when we started secondary school together, and even though for most of the time now she lives on the other side of the world, when we see each other, it is like time has stood still - we pick up where we left off.

For as long as I can remember, Em has always had the travelling bug - and she's passed this onto Jack. So, after a year in South America and two years teaching in Beijing, Em, Jack and now, baby Daisy are moving to Singapore to start the next chapter of their lives.

As a result, the theme for their wedding was travel. From the luggage label place names to the massive airmail envelope welcoming the guests to their wedding venue - the Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club. The tables were named after all the counties they had been to with a traditional alchholic drink or cocktail originating from that country. Even the table plan was crafted out of a vintage suitcase and airmail envelopes. The red, white and blue colour theme brought everything together reflecting a sense of Britishness with the village fete style wedding cake and bunting all over the venue.

An amazing wedding, and one that was so special to me as it was one of my oldest friends' wedding and I was a guest too!! Happy anniversary Em and Jack - I bet it was all the more special now you have baby Daisy to share it with you!