Marlow family photographer - studio and outdoor mash-up!

This is the third time I have taken photos of two year old Harry in my Marlow studio. In the past Harry's mum has always opted for studio photography, but this time I convinced her to do a bit of both, and she (and I) were really pleased with the results. While the studio images bring out Harry's angelic features - those beautiful blond curls and big blue eyes - the outdoor photography brings out more of his cheeky character as he is just getting on being a boy and playing around in the great outdoors.

harry collage.jpg


If you were to ask me which I prefer doing - it definitely has to be the outdoor natural light photography. People (including children) tend to be themselves more in a natural environment. You can capture genuine moments and lovely intimate exchanges between a couple and families , which might not be the case when studio lights and a white background are dazzling them.


harry collage1.jpg