Macro jewellery photography - Lulu C

I met Louise and Jason of Lulu C jewellery last October following a recommendation from a friend of theirs. They wanted me to help them with some lifestyle photography which involved a model wearing their jewellery in some nice locations in and around Marlow. The images were for their new website and marketing material. We kept in touch following the shoot and the 'go live' of their new website, and shortly after the New year, Lou and Jason approached me with my next task - to take detailed shots of their jewellery on some nice and interesting backgrounds.

I was really pleased that they had come back to me for a second time and excited to do an entire shoot with a macro lens. The brief really allowed me to get my creative juices flowing as Lou and Jason gave me some ideas, but said I could do whatever I thought would work. I used the Canon 100mm macro and was really pleased with the results. 

20140130-untitled shoot-097.jpg
20140130-untitled shoot-065.jpg
20140203-untitled shoot-158.jpg
20140203-untitled shoot-013.jpg