Do I need a wedding album?

I was so excited this morning to open my brand spanking new sample albums which have been shipped all the way from New Zealand.

Queensberry as far as I am concerned are the best. The quality, the craftmanship and the modern details on a classic wedding album to me show that they will last the test of time. When you look back at your photos on your 25th wedding anniverary they will still look as beautiful as the day you received them - a timeless piece to treasure forever.

So I often wonder why some couples say they would prefer digital only. For those who say this, I try to convince them otherwise and here's why:

1. A do-it-yourself album is always going look like you did it yourself. Most professional wedding album companies, including Queensberry only work with professional photographers for the design and fulfilment of wedding albums.

2. If you are going to keep the digital files on the computer - how many times will you look at them? What happens if your computer dies taking all your wedding photos with it?

3. Once the memories have faded, the only things you have 20 years down the line are your photographs.

4. I consider myself a storyteller, I shoot key moments in a wedding to ensure the story flows and initmate and natural moments between the couple are captured. Many photographers therefore shoot weddings with album design in mind, so that through the way they put the images together in the album tells the story of your day. 

5. A wedding album is a family heirloom - it is for you, your children and your grandchildren and beyond. I was watching Who Do You Think You Are? the other day (a programme where celebrities trace their ancestors) and it got me thinking. Some of those old, old photos of familes in the 1800s have lasted the test of time. However the equipment used to develop them and the cameras from this time are probably long gone. The same applies with modern technology - your wedding album will last way beyond the USB stick with your digital files or the hard drive on your computer.

6. I have had quite a few couples who opted for a digital package for their wedding and now regret it - they're asking me to produce a professional album for them two, three and sometimes four years on.

If you are still unsure of which way to go, here are some images of my lovely Queensberry albums, beautiful aren't they ;)

(The cream leather album is a 14x10 flushmount album - and there is a little mini 5 inch exact replica parent album too. The silver buckram cover is a 10x7 press book)

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