The benefits of having an engagement shoot

The engagement shoot  - should you go for one or not? Most photographers will offer as part of one of their packages an engagement shoot. From a photographer's point of view it is useful to spend a couple of hours with the couple before the big day to get to know them better and understand how they react to the camera, and interact with each other. From the couple's point of view it will probably be the first time they have come together in front of a professional photographer, and an engagement shoot can help with overcoming shyness or uneasiness with having pictures taken. it is almost like a warm-up before the big day with the added bonus of getting some amazing photographs to keep forever.

This engagement session which I did my very good friends Emma and Jack, allowed us to scout for locations for the big day due to the very short time frame allocated for the couple shoot. On the day itself it meant we were relaxed and knew exactly where to go to get what we wanted for the album - including some amazing views and iconic landmarks from our hometown of Plymouth for them to take back to Beijing where they are both teachers.